Teaching Spiritual and Musical Excellence

Steven James Ingram

about Dr. Steve

Dr. Steven James Ingram Sr. is a Pastor, teacher, author, conference speaker and world renown psalmist and keyboardist. Over the past four decades, he has released many musical recordings and traveled the world extensively. His most recent work is his book Excellence in Music Ministry.  


Dr. Steve was first known for leading a pioneering band in the Christian music world, Alpenglow throughout the 1970's. Dr. Steve was also the arranger and pianist for Kenneth Copeland’s musical recordings and directed the Kenneth Copeland Band throughout the 80's. He was the arranger on the Grammy nominated album In His Presence. His wife, Cheryl, is a soloist and studio backup singer who sang on the vocal team and is the author of the original theme song for the television program, The Believers Voice of Victory, entitled, “You’ll Never be the Same Again.” Together, they have been in concert ministry with many well-known Gospel artists and have been licensed and ordained through Kenneth Copeland Ministries for over 30 years.


After touring through most of the 90's, Dr. Steve and Cheryl were called to be pastors and founded Word of Faith Family Church were they still pastor in Orlando. 

Over the years, Dr. Steve has been instrumental in training musicians and ministers through the IMI School of Ministry and Music. Originally hosting the School of the Psalmist in the United States, as well as many other nations, Dr. Steve has literally witnessed thousands who have developed spiritual as well as natural giftings.

Dr. Steven James Ingram is committed to the ministry of Jesus Christ by preaching and teaching everywhere the Holy Spirit sends him.